7th Grade Projects

Classroom Projects and Links



Writing a Book Review

Famous Latinos


Research Chart

Great Sites for Genetic Diseases!

Science Fair Websites & Databases

Plate Tectonics

Dinosaur Research

Ionic/Covalent Bonds and Atom Websites

Ionic Bonds Website

Covalent Bonds Website

Build an Atom Website

Cell Review Links

Animal and Plant Cell

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Review Games

Prehistoric Eras and Evolution Links


Cambrian Explosion - scroll down the page

Paleozoic Era

Mesozoic Era

Cenozoic Era

Permian Extinction

K-T Extinction

Evolution of Birds

Evolution of Reptiles

Evolution of Fish

Evolution of Mammals

Evolution of Dinosaurs

Evolution of Humans

Evolution of Insects

Evolution of Plants

Social Studies

Panhandlers Video #1: Panhandlers Challenge Law

Panhandlers Video #2: The Business of Being Homeless

Egypt and Mesopotamia Virtual Museum Project

Geography Themes Rubric

Welcome to Western Europe

Africa Websites

World Religions

Ancient Rome Resources

Ancient European Maps

Foursquare Organizer

Africa Livebinder

Geography Bee

Discovery Storyboard Assignment: Ancient Greece and Rome and effects on US

Citizenship Overview (ABC-CLIO)

Checks and Balances Overview (ABC-CLIO)

The Role of the House

Three Branches of Government

Website Evaluation

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Website #2

Website #3